High Rise is a full service real estate agency in Pattaya. On the market since 2018. We work officially in compliance with all legal norms of Thailand. We offer you various real estate transactions: purchase, sale, management, assistance with repairs, pre-sale preparation of apartments. We conduct transactions offline and online

Our advantages – your benefit

Customer focus
  • We work according to the client’s requests
  • We select several options at once
  • For your convenience, we carry out all movement around the city by car.
Profitable offer
  • Free real estate showing
  • We provide full transaction support for free
  • You get cashback or up to 3% discount depending on the property
Pre-Sales Services
  • We carry out a professional property valuation
  • We prepare apartments and villas for sale
  • We develop an effective marketing strategy and help to close a profitable deal
Turnkey property management
  • We draw up documents
  • We act as an intermediary between the client and the developer
  • We help in coordinating a small redevelopment of objects under construction

We openly talk about all the pros and cons of the project

We cooperate only with proven and reliable developers. We guarantee high quality service, individual service. Our experts will help you choose and buy property in Thailand, focusing on your needs and budget. We work qualitatively with any objects and projects. You give us a task, we solve it.

If the maximum investment return is your priority, then we select the most promising option for you. You get highly liquid real estate in sought-after locations.

If you want to choose a resale property for yourself, then we take into account the proximity to the sea, the infrastructure of the area, the quality of housing for comfort and convenience, as well as other requirements. For renting apartments, it is especially important to be close to tourist places in order to attract more potential tenants. We will help you calculate expenses and incomes to understand how long it will take to pay off your investment.

A transparent and understandable deal is our common success

We do our best to make our clients feel confident and safe during cooperation. Contact us and we will help you make the right choice.

The High Rise Property and Construction team of experts is always ready to help you understand all the stages of the transaction. Before launching a new project, our employees visit the developer’s office, where a detailed presentation of the project is held, all the nuances are discussed so that we can answer any of your questions.

  • We provide complete information about the property, including its condition, ownership history, legal status and any other important details.
  • We honestly talk about all the pros and cons of the project, we select the option according to the ratio of price, location and profitability.
  • We are interested in the liquidity of your property, because in the future we take it under management and resale.
  • If you are already in Thailand, then before choosing, we suggest visiting the finished properties of the developer so that you can evaluate the final result.
  • We conduct a tour of the residential complex, then visit the developer’s office, where models of objects under construction or being prepared for launch are presented, and we look at the layouts, the location of apartments in more detail and discuss the details.
  • If during the conversation with you we understand that an option that you have not previously considered is ideal for you, we offer to go to it and make a high-quality presentation.
  • At the request of clients, we go to the sites and shoot a video in real time, take photos of the construction stages.
  • If the residential complex is ready, we offer a complete acceptance of the apartment, also with photo and video recording, which is especially convenient for those who make a purchase remotely.
  • We use clear and simple contracts that leave no room for misunderstanding or ambiguity.
  • We carry out the preparation and translation of the contract.
  • We help with the transfer of funds at a favorable rate.